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New / First Time


Looking to apply to be an artist at Freedom Music Festival?
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Existing / Returning


Returning to Freedom Music Festival from a previous year? We’re thrilled to have you back.

Food Trucks / Stalls


Looking to claim a stall for your business at Freedom Music Festival?
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When can I expect to hear back from someone?

Our team is made up significantly of volunteers, so we may not have an opportunity to respond to you immediately.

Nevertheless, our goal is to respond to you to progress all application processes as quickly as possible.

I'm a returning artist. Why do I need to apply again?

Much like other music festivals and events, we review all artists and groups performing at Freedom Music Festival.
This process helps us ensure that our event remains suitable for families and aligns with the mission for Freedom Music Festival.
In most cases, we would love to have artists return to Freedom Music Festival so that we can continue to support both established and new and upcoming artists.

Do you have requirements for vendors?

We do have a set list of requirements for vendors to adhere to. This will be discussed as part of your application process.

For additional information, please contact us.